Soft Furnishings Bring Comfort, Warmth, Texture, Colour and Design into Our Homes

Soft furnishings bring comfort, warmth, texture, colour and design into our homes and can have a huge impact on our interiors. They can turn houses into homes and function into art.  With the choice of window treatments never before being so abundant or diverse, they also provide an exciting opportunity to be creative in your home and to establish your own design style.

The product and design you choose is an integral part of your interior decor look, but it also offers many other benefits.

Insulation, power saving, light and glare control, privacy, health and safety options and product guarantees are all considerations to take into account when choosing your curtains, blinds and soft furnishings.

Custom making and in-home consultations are invaluable when making soft furnishing decisions.

You see the products in your home environment and get the best advice for your living spaces. Apart from superior design, you simply cannot beat the experience that a Professional Drape Group member offers.

The Professional Drape Group was established in 1990 as there was a need in the market for customers to feel safe and secure in the choice of curtain and blind makers they were choosing.

The members had to be experienced, reliable, and have impeccable reputations in their operating parts of New Zealand. When choosing a PDG member you can be assured of getting the best advice in functionality and design to fit perfectly in your home.

We look forward to being able to help you develop a statement about your style and create a home that you and your family can relax and entertain in.

Did You Know? Custom-made, well fitted curtains adds more than twice as much insulation to your home than double glazing your windows?

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Each month New Zealanders are faced with a stack of bills they have to pay to keep their household running, and as winter arrives, the dreaded electricity bill can often cause our household costs to skyrocket. 

See inside for more information on how you can make your home easier and cheaper to heat and more comfortable and healthy to live in...