Accessories are the design edge that only custom making can provide.

Cushions made from the range of fabrics you have chosen for the curtains gives a co-ordinated look. This is also true in bedrooms – ask your retailer to make cushions that match the curtains to scatter on the bed.

Ask your Professional Drape Group retailer to make table runners or tablecloths in the perfect colour or fabric for your room. Have a festive red and gold one made for Christmas or just a plain colour to perfectly compliment your décor.

Upholstered Bedheads are very popular at the moment and they are a great way to centre the room and focus on the bed and duvet.  They are good in all types of fabrics but neutral shades of beige, gold, brown, black allow you to change the duvet without clashing with the bedhead.

Outdoor upholstery and cushions really add to an “outdoor room” you can create in your environment. Making it cosy and appealing encourages everyone to use it and enjoy the outdoors. There are many beautiful fabrics available that are specifically made to withstand the outdoors – ask your PDG retailer to discuss the numerous options with you.

Try re-upholstering! In a lot of cases your old furniture may have great “bones” but just be in need of a good recovering. It is definitely worth having a good think about re-upholstering rather than replacing, as you can completely change the look and feel of a piece of furniture with new cushioning and fabric.

Trims, tiebacks and embellishment trends are closely related to fashion trends and right now there is a lot of “bling” in the fashion market. Soft furnishings are following this trend and there are many fabric ranges that feature a trim or edging that can be used to glitz up your curtains. Plush fabrics in gold, copper, silver and pewter create the ultimate in luxury and finesse. If you want to create this in a toned down way, add a trim to your curtains that match plush cushions on your sofa.