Linings in curtains and blinds come in lots of different fabrics for many different uses. They have come a long way technology wise and now offer even more benefits to you and your home furnishings.

Energy efficiency and insulation is one of the most obvious and useful benefits a well fitted curtain and good lining can provide any home. Most heating and cooling energy is wasted from transference through windows and it is estimated that this can be as much as 42-45%. It will make a big difference to your energy bill to properly fit your curtains and use the best lining for your room.

Depending on the lining you choose, they can offer UV protection of your carpets and furniture. Sun damage in New Zealand is harsh so a protection from the elements is an added benefit.

Noise control can also be obtained from a good lining. In much the same way linings insulate a window, they also keep some control on the noise outside.

Mould and mildew can be a problem in some rooms and often the linings are the first affected as they are closest to the moisture and the window. New technology in linings means that you can now get mould and mildew resistant linings to protect your curtains.

Your PDG retailer can provide specific advice on linings and choosing the best option for each room in your home. For instance a light poly cotton, is often well priced and good for a room that does not need lots of insulation or darkness. In contrast, a blackout lining is great for blocking out light. Blackout lining is heavier and will be more insulating, good for use in a roman blind, where the fabric does not go to the ground. It's also great for a kids' room, especially in daylight saving where the light is bright well after bedtime.

Insulation Information

It’s a proven fact that without adequate measures to stop it, most of the heat from your home is lost through the windows. The good news is that current testing identifies custom-made curtains can be cheaper and more effective than double glazing and therefore the best way to insulate your home.

How does this work?

When it is cold outside the window panes in our homes become cool to touch, and the air close to these window panes will become cooled.  Cool air is denser that warm air, so as this cooled air sinks it is replaced by warmer air drom the other parts of the room.  This creates a circulating air current which will cool the entire room.  Well fitted custom-made curtains trap this cool air between the window and the curtains to stop the current forming. As a result your room heating becomes more efficient and you save on energy.

A correctly fitted curtain is the key component in this model and custom making you curtains allows you to maximise the efficiency of the curtains by:

  1. Choosing the correct lining for maximum insulation
  2. Fitting as close to the window frame as possible
  3. Correctly measuring so curtains touch the floor
  4. Measuring width so they overlap the window frames to trap the air.

It is worth getting good advice and custom-making you curtains as you will save money, time and effort in the long term.


All Professional Drape Group Members have a minimum guarantee of 3
years on their products and services, providing care instructions have been adhered to and there is a reasonable amount of wear and tear. You can be assured that if you select a PDG member they have many years of experience in curtain, blinds and soft furnishings and that they stand behind the quality and service of their products and people.

Product Safety

You don’t have to compromise on style in order to protect your family from accidents with window coverings. Normal precautions should be taken when there are blinds used in a childs room and your Professional Drape Group retailer can offer safety solutions for blind cords and safety. Automation resolves most safety issues if that is something that is an option for your home.

Characteristics of Fabrics

The variety of fabrics available is vast and each have their own characteristics and practicalities. Natural fibres often seen in linen and
silk, may have issues in colour fastness, longevity, imperfection of the fall, imperfections in the fabric itself. To overcome many of these imperfections many products now have a man-made component to help performance, practicality and increase the life expectancy of the yarn.

The fabric and linings you choose can help with UV light filtering as well as noise control. Check your needs against the fabric specifications when making your choice of fabric.

Avoiding Mould and Mildew

Most New Zealanders will have come across mould and mildew in their homes at some stage. Containing the growth of these is a constant chore and will have varying results. When it comes to curtains and blinds there are some simple precautions that you can take to slow down the build up of mould and mildew.

Opening the widows regularly will reduce the build up of condensation and allow fresh air to circulate across the window.

Regular dusting or brush vacuuming your curtains and blinds will reduce dust build up on which mildew grows.

Spot cleaning on mildew may be necessary but check with your Professional Drape Retailer as not all fabrics are suitable for spot cleaning.

Noise and Light Control

There are a few features of your curtains that can help to increase the noise control in a room.  Curtains that are floor to ceiling and curtains with lots of fullness and fabric add to increased noise control.  In addition there are certain linings that can help with noise control - ask your accredited Professional Drape Group retailer for specific advice.

If light control is important in your room there are many products and curtain installation tricks that can help with this.

Firstly sunscreen blinds are specifically designed to control light and the darker the colour of these, the less glare they will attract.

If you need to direct light at certain times of the day, venetian and vertical blinds allow the best control of sun and light deflection.  Double roller blinds give you both the ability to filter the sun and give you total privacy at night.

If curtains are your choice, there are many sheer fabrics that can be used in conjunction (double tracking) with your curtains.  This allows you to have some privacy whilst still allowing light into the room.

There are also a range of linings and fabrics that help with noise and light control.  Ask for advice for your specific needs.