Custom-make Curtains and Upholstery to Achieve a Look that is Unique to You


Home sewing is difficult and you need space and good quality sewing technique and machinery. It can be costly when fabric is cut incorrectly and the finished product has the potential to look unprofessional. However, DIY is often cheaper, but beware of buying cheap fabric as they won’t always last in your home.


Ready-made curtains are often cheaper than custom-made but the benefits are much shorter term. They are notorious for using a thermal lining which is far inferior to a separate lining as it doesn’t allow free flow of air and therefore can encourage mould and mildew. In relation to this, thermal lined curtains cannot be washed so they will need to be replaced as they deteriorate.

Often there is no lining for ready-mades and so privacy and insulation is compromised. In addition, the choice of pleating and heading on the curtains is limited and doesn’t have a contemporary look.

Ready made blinds are difficult to fit to individual windows so they don’t provide the insulation and light control that is needed. They can be made of inferior materials and can warp and tarnish over time. Also beware of possible inferior mechanics that result in making the blind hard to lift and adjust.


Custom-made blinds and curtains can be seen as more expensive, but this is a myth.  They are the best option for longevity, quality, design and are ultimately more economical in the long term. Starting with the free in-home consultation, interior design experts will help you choose the perfect product and fit to your windows. The linings will be suited to your light and insulation needs, the fabric choice will be in line with your individual interior design and the finished product will be installed to a professional standard.

Each month New Zealanders are faced with a stack of bills they have to pay to keep their household running, and as winter arrives, the dreaded electricity bill can often cause our household costs to skyrocket. 

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